Stable Game Server   ACHIEVED
Advanced Customization   ACHIEVED
Intermediate AI Levels   ACHIEVED
Multi threaded Environment   ACHIEVED
Multi Server Environment   ACHIEVED
Medium Testing Base Performance    ACHIEVED
Large Testing Base Performance   ACHIEVED
Player Base Support Community   ACHIEVED
International Language Supports   IN PROGRESS
Inter Network Server Portals   IN PROGRESS
Player Base Support Community   IN PROGRESS
Advanced AI Levels   IN PROGRESS
Unique ART Server Support    PLANNED
Advanced Game View Support    PLANNED


The SPHEREserver devs are hard at work creating a VR interface to the worlds made by SPHERE administrators -- SPHEREclient. 

SPHEREclient offers MMORPG gamers a stable, fast rendering player environment that is also connection fault tolerant. 

With multiple 3D viewing capabilities in development and new voice rendering technologies planned for inclusion, the SPHEREclient will truly be a unique and valuable addition to the Menasoft family of offerings. 

No attention to detail has been spared in this massively featured yet compact client design.  Users have the option of zoom in/out and scrolling perspectives, or a traditional 2D interface.  

It's not just structure or options that make SPHEREclient a developer's darling and a player's delight -- it's things as simple as more realistic 3D sound rendering and environmental game effects. 

We'll have more exciting news about SPHEREclient development as the Menasoft SPHEREclient progresses from the preview to the alpha development phase. 


Robust Server a Cornerstone to Build On

Although SPHERE has been in beta release for just a few short months, the response of the gaming community has been enthusiastic.  On any given day over 100 new SPHERE based game servers spring into existence -- and stats reported to Menasoft reflect a majority of those servers are teeming with avid internet RPGers.

At the core of the SPHERE development effort is a robust game server.  It's so robust, thousands of testers pounding on the server software around the clock since 1997 have been unable to intentionally crash or compromise it. 

"Proper server structure is perhaps the most important feature of a stable MMORPG server program," reports Dennis Robinson, "A long term environment is going to be built on for years so you have to get it right from the start or you risk scrapping your loyal user base along with your server code if you find yourself designed into a corner." 

SPHERE developer Peter Westberg adds, "It's a matter of course you'd want a stable server, but allowing complete game design flexibility to SPHERE admins at the same time is a delicate balance -- and we're achieving it.  With the new range of customization options we've added this year, SPHERE will be a joy for non-programmers and programmers to build and run." 

The fast pace of the growth of the community of SPHERE  users has helped the developers focus on improving the server and work better together as a team.

"Over the past three years the SPHERE development team has learned to prioritize what areas of our work are most important to future growth," said SPHERE Producer Laura Nixon, "Now that our server environment is stable and expanding on track, we're additionally concentrating on how to keep the game environment fresh with a new client and give player based MMORPG communities vitality ."

With now added to the family, the massive player base of SPHERE gamers will have a meeting place that like SPHEREservers for Administrators is all their own.

" is the place for RPG fans who want to build their own online communities as a natural extension of the MMORPG." notes Peter Westberg, "Offering a self-expanding internet community for players was the next logical step after our server administrator based community proved such a success." 

Bringing it All Together

With a server stability rarely found even in released commercial products, the SPHERE server is reaching a lightning fast wave of new features and capabilities.  Menasoft is expanding the customization options of the SPHERE server and offer server Administrators the ability to program new server features unique to their game environments in commonly used programming and scripting languages.   

Players aren't left out of the equation, either.  With a huge player base already playing on SPHEREservers worldwide, the companion client development will soon be available in beta form to an already eager audience.