MENASOFT'S SPHERE SERVER is already used by over 121,000 gamers around the planet. 
SPHEREserver is Menasoft's server software on which persistent world MMORPGs may be run, supporting a variety of game clients including Origin Systems' Ultima Online and Menasoft's SPHEREClient.  "SPHERE" is the common term for an individual's particular installation of the SPHEREserver software. 

[CONT'D FROMThe latest addition to the Menasoft library of software products is SPHERE Server.  SPHERE is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) server that is currently freely available at   Gaming enthusiasts from around the world run this graphical game environment from private internet connections and allow small to large sized persistent world game communities to flourish. 

The currently released beta SPHEREserver Release 53f has been received with great acclaim in the SPHERE community as we now offer even more efficient server capabilities and are preparing for the release of our new COM based scripting additions.  Even more server flexibility will be available to Admins, making each SPHERE uniquely different for their player base. 

The System Requirements really depend on the size of the shard administrators want to run. For a private shard just for one to five friends on a LAN at home a Pentium compatible System with 133 MHz and 32 Megs of RAM, as well as 15-20 megs of free hard drive space is suitable. 

For a small sized SPHERE with at least 15 concurrently logged in players a 56K modem or ISDN (64K) line, a PII 233 with 64 megs of RAM as well as 100-200 megs of free space on the hard drive is a reasonable expectation.   As a SPHERE gains more users, the size of the persistent world file will grow. 

If the SPHERE continues to grow, most Admins consider switching to a larger connection, like ADSL, SDSL, T1 (1,5 Mbits), E1 (2Mbits), cable or whatever is available in their area. 

For SPHEREs supporting up to 500 players (an arbitrary software enforced limit) connection and  machine requirements will rise in proportion to a T1 or greater with more RAM and free hard drive space necessary.   

The developers are hard at work on making the server even more efficient, to allow for even faster server functionality!   

Why not set up your own SPHEREserver today?  It runs right out of the ZIP file with no adjustments necessary.  (But what fun would that be? Customize your SPHERE!)

For support, downloads and an entire community of supportive SPHERE Administrators, visit  It's YOUR world now!

While most players are logging into the game with a third party client, SPHEREclient will soon be available to Menasoft's user base.  Unique graphics and a totally new client perspective will soon be available to thousands of avid SPHERE players.