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June 29, 2020


Copyright (c) 2020 Dennis Robinson ( All rights reserved.
Licensed under the MIT License.

DotChess is an open source chess rules engine written in C# .NET. (.Net Standard 2.0)
It is meant to be simple and readable source code. It values readability over speed.

Sources are hosted on GitHub at
The secondary project documentation pages are at or

This engine could be ported to C++ (relatively easily) for speed improvement.
It has no single GUI.
The consumer is meant to provide their own UI. The GUI might be some standalone app or might be a web site.


Enforce all standard chess rules on all moves. (Castle, Enpassant, Check, Promotion, Stalemate)
Get a list of all valid moves from a board state for any / all pieces.
Reads/Writes PGN files.
Opening Move Db with > 50K master games.
Read/Write FEN state
Score future moves for recommendation.
Unit Tests for coverage of all basic features.
Unit Test tool for regeneration of the opening moves db.
Multi threaded optimization for speeding up complex tests. Uses Parallel .NET name space.


Better scoring optimization. Trimming futile score paths might be a huge CPU savings. Current scoring a rather brute force. So the results are good but expensive.
e.g. There are > 5M brute force tests to be performed for looking ahead 4 moves on the opening board. Many of those test paths could be obviously discarded, resulting in far fewer tests.

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