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May 13, 2006

Taksi – Desktop Screenshot, Video Capture/Recorder


Taksi is a desktop video recorder/screenshot capture application for most versions of Windows. It can be hooked to most applications/games (via GDI,OpenGL,DirectX8 or 9) to record as an AVI video all that you are doing. It is based on the VFW API’s and can use any of the installed video codecs to encode in real time (if your CPU can handle it). This is an open source project that can also be found on


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May 10, 2006

Taksi – desktop screenshot, video capture/recorder

Continuing along the lines of giving back to the internet community, I’ve recently started working(playing) on an open source project called Taksi. (I have lots of free time it would seem). Its a desktop video recorder similar to Fraps. So instead of taking still (boring) screenshots of your work/play, you can actually record movies. It was a really great project started by Juce (Anton Jouline). Unfortunately it has not been updated in nearly 2 years. I’ve attempted to cleanup/extend the existing code. Heres my version of the sources for it so far. if you want to build your own version feel free. It does require VS 2003 and a DirectX SDK to build. For those lacking that sort of patience I also made an exe version here. Keep in mind this is alpha code.

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May 3, 2006

What qualities do you look for in an interview?

If you have had the role of hiring manager, you already know that hiring good people is a really difficult job. It’s one of the more difficult problems you will ever have. The issue with hiring someone is almost anyone can lie effectively on an interview that lasts an hour or two. What is learned in this interview may not be a good prediction of exactly how they will act on the job.

After hearing many of the things people look for in an interview, and being on both sides of the interview process enough times, I’ve put together my mental list of things to look for in a candidate. These are not listed in order of importance because importance depends on the actual role. Some qualities are more important in some jobs than others. I’ll get to that next …


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