[BOSTON -- February 13, 2003] 
With thousands of happy gaming fans using their SPHERE server, it would have been easy for the Menasoft development team to rest on their laurels.  Instead, the small but effective band of RPG game makers has turned up the heat on the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game World.  MMORPG fans don't have long to wait to see the results. 

New Features, Advanced AI
"The amount of new features we have planned could keep a troupe of game developers busy for a decade," said lead developer Dennis Robinson, "but we've picked what we think are the best ones for our next release.

Probably the most exciting of those new features include COM based scripting support for their SPHERE gaming server.  The new system will use standards developed and implemented by Microsoft to offer game server administrators a whole new level of customization.

"This one's going to blow the lid off!  Instead of forcing system administrators to learn a proprietary script language to -- for example -- run a quest, now all they have to do is look at the commonly released SPHERE object model and crank up C++, Visual Basic or Delphi!"  SPHERE developer Pete Westberg believes the new compiled script support will allow the maximum in server originality while being widely supported and easy for SPHERE server administrators to learn.        [MORE]

Odyssey in Taiwan
Novus Opiate in The United States
Schattenwelt in Germany
Avalon in Canada
Jarry's World in China
Mystara in Brazil
Kelevar in Czechoslovakia
Want to see a list of public SPHEREservers around the world currently accepting new players? Click here.  

The latest addition to the Menasoft lineup is the SPHERE Server.  SPHERE is a persistent gaming world Role Playing Game server that anyone can setup and run with up to 500 concurrent players online.  The opportunity for adventure is limitless, and even small connection home users may host persistent games of up to 30 players with little to no game lag. NEW! SPHERE CLIENT ADDED

Sound Pad is a full featured sound wave editor for Windows 95, NT and 3.1.

Menasoft's Library of Source Code clips offers solutions for common coding problems.

Before you hire a coder, better make sure you know what questions to ask.  Menasoft's Coder's Corner will help separate the expert from the entry-level. Dennis also chimes in with some of his favorite rants.

With revenues about to hit gigantic proportions, more and more companies are seeking to enter the MMORPG persistent world internet based gaming market.  Recent history is rife with failed gaming ventures -- most often the victim of a failure to understand what RPG players want and how their playstyle affects a persistent world based game.  

Even developers with a history of reaching this gaming market may not succeed if their goals and revenue plans don't address the changing nature of internet technology.     [MORE]