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January 29, 2009

Windows problems that are multiple generations old

Gripe, Gripe, Gripe.

Ok here are a few recurring problems i want to gripe about. Problems that have been in multiple generations of MS Windows that have never really been addressed.

1. My computer is completely lagged, I can’t move windows around or click on anything. The CPU bar shows less than 5% CPU usage. Sometimes even the mouse stops moving. I suppose it must be a disk bottleneck. But there is no system tools that can tell my what is going on.
2. I tried to open a network share for a computer that is offline and my system locks up for 5 minutes. MS has never been able to deal with such a simple problem as this ever since Windows 3.1. I’m trying Windows 7 now to see if it is any better.
3. I try to delete a file and windows says i cant because it in use by some other application. There are no other applications open. I think Windows 7 might have acutally solved this problem. Can you beleive it ?

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