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August 12, 2008

Being an iPhone Joiner

I held out as long as i could, but I finally joined the iPhone club. (Not the Apple/Mac club yet) I just got the iPhone 3G. I waited in line for about 4 hours the day after they were released. Very silly I know.But at least i didn’t camp out overnight. hehe.

Being me, I now have to figure out how every bit of it works.

For anyone looking at phones and is considering an iPhone I’ll try to do a mental dump of what I’m seeing. Ultimately i recommend it but there are some things that might be a turn off for some.

Jail breaking:

The locked in nature of the iphone is very unsettling for us engineers. I can only do what Apple has decided i can do. I have considered jailbreaking it so i can run an actual SSH shell and possibly using the file system on it directly but I’m just not quite ready for that level of commitment. Once the phone is jailbroken its unclear how apple upgrades will work in the future. In the past once you jail break a phone it seems you are locked out of all future apple software updates. It is possible that a jail broken phone could be restored to apple original condition before being upgraded.

Iphone Lacks (in rough order of importance (to me))

  • Poor battery life. If you are on vacation and actively using maps etc, expect the phone to die half way through the day. This has somewhat improved with software updates.
  • No stereo blue tooth. A2DP is not available. Promised for v3.0 software.
  • No Cut and Paste between applications. Must retype all text.
  • Has a weird new connector. only chargers and docking stations specific to 3g will connect . All your old ipod and iphone stuff is not usable.
  • Needs a decent camera. The current 2MPix camera is just not very good and is very motion sensitive.
  • Needs ‘voice dial’ Feature. I cant speak “call home” or “play a song” etc.
  • Needs spoken turn by turn directions for the map. I must look at the phone to read directions as i drive.
  • No video recording.
  • Does not give directional orientation for the map. I have no idea which direction i am looking in relation to the map displayed.
  • Poor speaker volume.
  • Tethering is not allowed in the US at any price. This is more of and ATT issue than Apple issue.
  • Would be nice to have auto answer function for when listening to music.
  • Restricts ringtones to itunes paid only. I cant use my own tunes for ring tones.
  • No native voice recording – there are some 3rd party apps that do this so i hear.
  • A removable SD card would be nice, or at least have the phone act as a stoarge drive so i can place random files on it,

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  1. I was real unhappy with the battery at first but after lowering the brightness and turning off bluetooth and wifi for only when i needed them i found that the charge lasted much longer

    Comment by Jailbreaking iPhone — July 10, 2010 @ 3:41 pm

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